About the Summit


EUGAUS, the European Green Australia Summit, is dedicated to the exchange and trade of ideas and services between Australia and Europe.

In 2017, the inaugural EUGAUS will focus on Sustainable Infrastructure for Intelligent Cities: Green Urban Systems and Regenerative Urban Development. Smart Cities are not enough – they must be intelligently conceived and managed to meet the needs  of communities, businesses and nations to face a future dominated by climate change and an entirely new  framework for habitability, liveability, sustenance, prosperity and resilience.

EUGAUS brings together the finest thinkers and doers in the integrated fields of green infrastructure: health, housing and property development, design and construction, energy efficiency and renewable energy systems, information technology and finance, project management and execution.

It aims to showcase innovation achieved under this great thematic umbrella by public and private sectors from Australia and Europe, with focus on Germany and Berlin. Leading projects and initiatives will demonstrate excellence in research, design and construction in transforming today’s cities into green, clean, healthy and opportunity-rich urban environments. EUGAUS’ initiator and organiser, the Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development in Berlin, has access to leading European research and development think tanks undertaking work in climate change and the energy transition, with focus on architecture, urban development and infrastructure to effect this change.

The Institute also maintains links to pan-European urban NGOs such as the Renewable Energy and Climate Regions and Towns. Its founder, Peter Droege, is President of EUROSOLAR, Europe’s largest independent renewable energy association, and General Chairman of the World Council for Renewable Energy. These networks provide real-life and real-time demonstration of retrofitted urban and regional infrastructures based on intelligent renewable energy systems. In the showcasing of innovative projects, the Summit intends to provide a great point of contact between German and Australian experts to share experiences as both countries move toward a healthy urbanised future.

The Australia now Germany 2017 public diplomacy program is pleased to support EUGAUS’17. 

Australia now is a long-standing initiative of the Australian Government to showcase the creative excellence, diversity, and innovation of Australian life in one focus country each year – with Germany as host for 2017. We consider EUGAUS 2017 an excellent platform to promote the range and complexity of Australian culture, explore issues of international significance and find ways to deepen the connections between our communities – and in this instance, promote bilateral discussions on the future of cities.